Logans Shining Sun, aka "Shiner" is a 13 year old, 15.1hh registered AQHA palomino gelding.


Shiner is a very kind, laid back ranch gelding with excellent work ethic. He was born and raised by the same family his whole life, until we purchased him as the next "Cruz." Cruz is forever irreplaceable but we fell madly in love with this amazing yellow gelding as soon as we met him! The family that raised him did an AWESOME job with him over the years and we feel privileged and incredibly blessed to have him as a working partner and youth horse! Shiner is very well bred on the top and bottom. His paternal grandsire is Shining Spark and his maternal great grandsire is Zan Parr Bar. He is very stout and wide with heavy bone and balanced conformation. This gelding has been well cared for and loved over the years and we aim to give him a quality of life, too. We plan to maximize his talents and abilities to his full potential and utilize his training for daily ranch and cattle work. Shiner is extremely "cowy" and he tracks a cow with confidence. His transitions are soft and smooth, and he has powerful flying lead changes while tracking cattle. There is nothing he won't do for us and he charges through bodies of water, big and small, like they are solid ground. He is not phased by other horses as he would rather be with people, enjoying scratches and rubs, rather than hang out with his own kind. We are so thankful and grateful to GOD for the gift of Shiner, and for his talents and demeanor,especially after losing one of the best horses we've ever owned! There are wonderful  things ahead for this big sweet fella!

Wesgate Magician, aka "Bubba" is a 13 year old, 17hh registered, dark bay Standardbred gelding. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/wesgate+magician

He is registered by the United States Trotting Association and he was a Harness race horse until he was 5 years old. He had 33 starts and won purses in excess of $7,500.00. Bubba is out of Frisky Fame X Kadabra. Originally from Ontario, Canada, he now has a forever home with us here at the ranch. He is a big gentle giant (wears a size 4 shoe!) who is broke to drive and ride. He is a sheer pleasure to ride down the trails and it is a lot of fun to trot him wide open. Robyn was clocked trotting him at 30mph, full out!! His massive presence attracts attention from people when we haul him out to ride and he genuinely soaks up all the attention! He is very personable and he enjoys hanging out with the geldings or being around us at the barn. Being that he is a former race horse, he likes to be in forward motion but he is always calm, polite and controlled. He faces trail challenges with an inquisitive nature and he never refuses to partner up for any task. We purchased Bubba from a very nice woman that owned him for most of his life. He was well taken care of and very loved, which was obvious from the moment we brought him home. We are so thankful to own this very cool and diverse horse, who adds a lot of character (and SIZE) to our ranch. 

YouTube Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NjofxkDK81lJjkVzrCsrA




Cruz was a 12 year old, 15.1hh AQHA “Bully Bullion and Fire Water Flit” bred buckskin gelding. His good looks and conformation were an uncanny resemblance when compared to Bully Bullion.  Cruz was hands down one of the kindest, most personable and versatile horses we've ever owned. He had a heart of gold and with his running blood lineage he could always kick it up into high gear for cowboy’ing or easily drop it back down into low gear for inexperienced riders. Over the years, he had worked in Wyoming, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma.  Originally foaled in Colorado, he was right at home in the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains. His ears were always forward (intently looking for cattle in the brush) while we were trail blazing various mountainous terrains. He was a finished rope horse and he could switch leads behind a cow, at any speed, impressively!  In the herd, he was the joker that liked to start all of the playful sessions among the other geldings. His downfall was the fact that he could start the romping around sessions but he was not good at finishing them. He was the only horse we owned that was always marked up from head to hoof because of his constant antics. It was a running joke to see how many new marks he could incur in a week’s time. Cruz was the heart of so many people over the years who were just learning to ride or who were seeking a laid back, confident trail partner. He was both a solid working cow horse and a carefree, patient mount and we enjoyed both dynamics of him greatly! He is missed beyond words and he was the most wonderful horse of our lifetime and utterly irreplaceable! Heaven is blessed to have a horse of his caliber among the glorious steeds in the Kingdom. 

Cruz was loved and cherished; a magnificent horse, worth his weight in gold !!  

Bo, a.k.a. "Seabiscuit," is a 7 year old, 14.2hh bay grade Quarter Horse gelding. He is stout with good conformation, and he has a lot of heart and tenacity when riding him. He has a “no quit” attitude when asked to climb the steep grades of the Rockies or when he is traveling long distances across wide open spaces.  He crosses bodies of waters and bridges without hesitation. He  road rides and pays no mind to bikers, hikers, or vehicles. He is a very intelligent gelding who learns very quickly! Bo has been ridden in a variety of places such as the Rocky Mountains, across the vast prairies of Colorado, and on various trails throughout Oklahoma. He serves as a trusty working cow horse on our ranch and he is a loyal partner. Bo will push, sort, and track cattle, easily. He is a very handsome and sturdy gelding with a quiet strength about him.  We affectionately call him "Seabiscuit" because he is a compact horse with a huge heart! It's a sheer pleasure owning this nice ranch horse and we look forward to many years of partnership with him. 

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January 10, 2019

A blessing gone but never forgotten....

Tuck- R.I.P. Young Gelding

Miss Lady- R.I.P. 

Our Geldings...

Cruz- R.I.P. Horse of a Lifetime!


Easy N Tuff aka "Mayday" is a 15 year old, 15.1hh registered AQHA black mare.


We purchased this dynamic mare from the Donati family, in California; the same family we purchased our AQHA buckskin gelding, "Tuckered Out Tank," from two years ago. The Donati's have become our friends and we are so thankful for the quality quarter horses they raise, train and sell. Allie Donati is an up and coming horse trainer (currently on the rodeo team in college) and she does a spectacular job with the horses she starts and trains. Both horses we own from this cowgirl are personable, soft and cued up, and they have impeccable work ethic. Mayday spent her entire life with the Donati family until we purchased her in 2015. Keep and eye out for Allie in the years ahead. She'll be doing big things in the equine world!

Mayday is a wonderful mare who is very balanced, graceful and powerful. She is a big bodied mare with excellent  foundation bloodlines. Her working lineage is proven when she is asked to do a days job on the ranch or in the mountains in Colorado. There is no quit in her and she always has a slight pep in her step. She is very kind and respectful and she is not your typical mare.


Miss Skye is a 20 year old, 14.2hh varnished roan, grade appaloosa mare. She is owned by Andi Roye, and she is her personal ranch horse and trail partner. The two of them bonded instantly upon meeting each other. Skye is very calm, collected and patient. She is hardy and tough, always proving herself true and faithful while trekking through the challenging Rocky Mountain terrain in Colorado or simply riding the trails of Oklahoma. She has carried Andi countless miles over the last several years and she never refuses anything she is asked to do. She is a wonderful and trust worthy partner who will hopefully be with us for many years to come. We are very blessed to have this gentle appaloosa mare as a dependable ranch horse and trail partner for family and friends.  

Fun facts: A varnished roan color describes a horse with coloration similar to roan, but with some changes in color over the years, though not to the extreme of a grey colored horse. This type of roaning only occurs in conjunction with the Leopard complex. This color pattern is best known in the Appaloosa breed of horse. 

"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a GRAND PASSION! It seizes a person whole and, once it has done so, he will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Our Mares...

Tams Lady Lu, aka "Miss Lady" was a 27 year old, 15.1hh registered AQHA sorrel mare.


Miss Lady was a real gem and she was priceless in the horse world! She was 86% foundation bred with incredible bloodlines that traced back to a number of substantial quarter horses such as Tamulena, Doc Olena, Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, Peppy San, Leo San and Leo, to name a few. She was a solid minded mare with good bone and a deep heart girth. She was beyond broke to ride and she spent some time in the professional cutting arena in her youth. Since that time, she raised a number of quality foals that are impeccable in conformation, mind, and performance. She taught countless kiddos to ride, with patience and gentleness, which was a very honorable trait in a foundation quarter horse. It was an honor to own this incredible mare as she was later retired at Bottem Legacy Ranch, L.L.C. She spent most of her days being lazy in the sunshine, with an occasional request to entertain a youngster from time to time. It is not every day that a common ranch had the sincere pleasure of looking after such a legendary member of the quarter horse family. We felt incredibly blessed and privileged to call her our own and it was a very tough day when we laid her to rest at the ranch. She passed away on December 10th, 2018 at home and she almost lived to the ripe age of 30 years old. Her heart was huge and her will to live was very strong. She is greatly missed and we are very thankful for all the love, laughter, and character that Miss Lady gave us every day. 

Miss Skye

Reno, also known to us as “Moose” (because of his sheer size), is a 17 year old, 16.1hh grade bay tri-colored Tobiano paint gelding. He came to us in November 2014 as a finished rope horse from Rafter D Ranch in Texas/Colorado. Reno is a massive gelding with excellent conformation and heavy bone structure. He is not only beautiful to look at with his rich color and lots of chrome, but he commands your attention because of his size alone. He is a very hard working horse and despite his build, he moves out effortlessly for a day’s work. He is a finished head horse with experience heeling, too. He ropes out of the box, or in the pasture, and he spent many years as a high school rodeo horse for youth. Reno is a gentle giant and he enjoys being in our company, wherever we are. He has a calm, laid back demeanor and he never gives up when asked to tackle challenging mountain terrain. We tend to believe he is part mountain goat because he can maneuver steep, rocky terrain with ease. Reno never gets hot or anxious, even when pressed to perform. His consistent attitude is perfect for our program and we are thankful to have him here at the ranch and when we need him in Colorado. He has been such a pleasure to own and we look forward to many, many more years of partnership with him.


Tuckered Out Tank, affectionately known to us as "Tank" or “Pig Pen”, is a 8 year old, 15hh registered AQHA buckskin gelding.


There are not enough words to express how incredible this gelding truly is, in every way! He is a sheer joy to own and he keeps us laughing with his endless antics and unwavering curious nature. He is a very loyal and extremely friendly gelding who has an unrivaled work ethic when put to any test or trial. He never says no and he is always willing to go above and beyond with every new challenge. We treat him like an old pro and he effortlessly tackles the steep terrain of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the vast prairies of Colorado, as confidently as our mature geldings. Tank came to us from California from the Donati's, a wonderful family who raises quality and well bred Quarter Horses. My husband, Lee, and this gelding are truly friends and it’s obvious when they are together.  If you enjoy funny stories, we have racked up quite a few with him and we are happy to share them. We count our blessings for all of our incredible horses, but this gelding is very special to us and he is dear to our hearts.