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Steve Rousey

Master Farrier

Professional Services for 20 Years 

Specializes in Corrective Shoeing

Reserve Deputy/Mounted Patrol

Northeast Oklahoma

Phone: 918.519.2626

Our Personal Experience with Steve Rousey:

"Steve is a very warm, traditional and comical gentleman. His stories are fascinating and engaging, and he never fails to make us laugh1 He adores his wife and his family which is immediately obvious by the way he talks so kindly about them. He has IMPECCABLE work ethic and he is a perfectionist as a farrier! He takes the time to study each individual horses' needs and he considers the very best long  term solution for the greater good of the horses' health.  He is controlled and gentle when a challenging horse offers resistance. It has been a sheer pleasure getting to know this solid, Christian man and we are very thankful for his friendship and services!" B.L.R.

Dr. Mark R. Fitch, D.V.M.

Practicing Equine Medicine since 1977

Quality Equine Veterinary Services

24 Hour Emergency Services

Boulder, Colorado

Phone: 303.666.5140
Fax: 303.665.1160

Dr. Fitch grew up as the fourth generation member of a ranching family in northeastern Wyoming.  ”Horses have been in our family forever,“ he says. ”My grandfather had about 400-600 head of horses. Growing up we had more cattle than horses and I had about 10 for myself.”  Fitch worked his way through Colorado State University’s Veterinary School as a farrier. He started his equine practice in Boulder, Colorado in 1977.

Dr. Fitch has lectured at the American Veterinary Medical Convention and often appears on the roster at other prestigious Equine events throughout the United States. As a vet Dr. Fitch takes seriously his role to help horse owners better understand the nature of horses. He says vets have the knowledge to offer advice in regards to horse keeping and can teach owners and handlers about behavior, building safe spaces to keep horses injury free, how horses see the world, prevention of disease, and basic medical procedures so they can better care for their animals.
*Information and photo are from the Hawaii Horse Expo website.

Our Personal Experience with Dr. Mark R. Fitch:

"Dr. Fitch is an awesome  veterinarian with decades of valuable equine experience. He is easy to talk to about horses and life in general. Once you meet him, you easily recognize a genuine and caring person. He is typically readily available and he has helped us several times via phone calls from Colorado while we are at the ranch in Oklahoma. We highly recommend Dr. Fitch for exceptional equine care and dentistry work." B.L.R.

Dr. Mary Scwartz, D.V.M., D.A.C.T

Northeastern Oklahoma Equine Vet Services

Mobile Veterinarian

24 Hour Emergency Services 

Phone: 918.417.9861

Dr. Mary Swartz is a board certified veterinary reproductive specialist. She is also certified in veterinary medical acupuncture as well as animal chiropractics and provides these services for all species. *Information is from and the photo is from

Our Personal Experience with Dr. Mary Scwartz:

"Dr. Swartz has been wonderful! She is always responsive, attentive and genuine. She is easy to communicate with and she is very helpful, even if it is just a text or email conversation. She is highly recommended by our ranch!" B.L.R.

Chance Swaney & Ms. Elizabeth

Professional Farrier

Greater Denver Area, Colorado

Phone: 970.590.2926

Our Personal Experience with Chance and Elizabeth:

"Chance and Elizabeth are two people we enjoy working with, but more importantly, they have become our friends. Chance came to our rescue in Boulder, CO when many local farriers were not reliable or dependable. Chance stepped up to the plate and quickly became our routine farrier and the two of them make more than an hour trip each way to take care of our horses when we are in Colorado. We think that's pretty darn awesome! Chance has natural talent when it comes to hoof work with horses and he has a keen eye to fix any problems that may arise. He is firm yet kind if a horse starts acting foolish while he is working. Elizabeth helps him out most of the time and she is a very fun person to talk to about life in general. She is a registered nurse by trade so the two of them together always provides endless entertaining stories which typically leaves all us laughing hysterically. We feel incredibly blessed to call these wonderful people our friends and we are SO THANKFUL for there services and friendship!" B.L.R.

Oklahoma State University, Equine Hospital

Equine Medicine and Surgery

125 Years of Service

24  Hour Emergency Services

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Phone: 405.744.7000, Option # 2

Our Personal Experience with the OSU Equine Hospital:

"This hospital is a top notch facility! They were very helpful and respectful during a crisis situation with our 12 year old gelding, "Cruz." The doctors were caring, kind and very easy to talk to about his illness and the treatment options. This equine hospital is very highly recommended by our ranch for excellent care. A big THANK YOU to all the OSU equine veterinarians and surgeons for all you did for our gelding. We will forever be grateful to you for working tirelessly to save his life. You went above and beyond the call of duty." B.L.R.

*Photo and contact information are from the official OSU website.

Justin & Elaina Gibson

Professional Farrier

(Temporarily on the mend)

Armed Services Veteran

Southeastern Oklahoma Area

Phone: 918.939.8516

Our Personal Experience with Justin and Elaina:

"Justin and Elaina are a very nice couple who work very hard together, day in and day out. We've really enjoyed getting to know them over the last year! Justin continually provided quality and consistent hoof care, routinely. He is very easy to work with and Elaina is his right hand, always willing to jump in and help. Justin and Elaina were recently in a very bad accident (thankfully they are healing up nicely) and they both sustained several severe injuries which keeps them from working for a while. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as we are hopeful for a full recovery for both of them. It's a slow road to recovery but we hear positive things from them often so it is very encouraging. They are also two people we call our friends and seeing them restored to 100% health in the future is our only concern. We appreciate their work ethic and kindness, and we are blessed to know them personally." B.L.R.


Images from and available for purchase at "Farriers' Greeting Cards"

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