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She enjoys the simple things in life and you can always count on her for a smile and a big hug! When she isn't riding horses, performing stunts on the four wheeler, or working, you'll most likely find her cuddled up to her two cats named "Echo" and "Sage," or tending to her ever growing gecko named "Gek." She has a trustworthy appaloosa ranch horse of her own named "Skye" and they are the best of pals!  She is a precious little sister to her family and a loyal friend to her tribe. She has a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ that is unrivaled and it is a pleasure watching her mature in her faith as she grows into a stellar young woman. We are truly blessed to call her our family, best friend and a heck of a cowgirl! We wish her all the best as she embarks on a new journey as a college student and keep an eye out for her because she is going to do great BIG things in the future! 

Home away from Home, a very special place...

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Lee & Robyn

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Our home in Boulder, Colorado is situated in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, just outside of Eldorado Canyon. The quaint and cozy, fully furnished 1,000 square foot house is complete with crossed-fenced horse paddocks, four individual panel stalls, a feed and tack room, and horse trailer parking. There are hundreds of miles of challenging horseback riding trails, mountain biking trails, and hiking trails right outside the front door. South Boulder Creek runs through the backyard for added charm on nights spent outside visiting with friends and barbecuing by the fire pit. The Flat Irons, Mesa Trail, Marshall Mesa Trail, and Eldorado Canyon are easily accessible and open year round. Wild life is abundant and there are endless outdoor adventures for every season. During the winter, a variety of well known ski basins are less than an hour and a half drive from our place. This house is a place we call home and it is very near and dear to our hearts. Lee and I were married here, under a tall wooden cross, before God and in the presence of close friends and family. It will always be a place we enjoy for as long as we are blessed to call it our own!

Our Home in Boulder, Colorado

Together, we are "Partners in Christ" forever.

Jesus spoke  “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them."

Matthew 18:20

dirt bikes, he thoroughly enjoys horseback riding in the mountains, snow skiing, surfing in Puerto Rico, running trails, mountain biking various terrains, and traveling. He spent many years rock climbing notoriously steep grades around the United States. As a profession, he is an Ophthalmologist with a specialty in oculoplastics and orbital surgery. His practice is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he completed his residency at Oklahoma State University Medical Center. His professional accomplishments include his medical school rank of number 2 out of 185 medical students and he ranked in the 90th percentile for the OKAP national exam. He was Chief Resident at O.S.U. from 2006-2007. When it comes to farming, ranching, heavy equipment or vehicles, he is a handy man with a curiosity to fix what is broken. He is versatile, knowledgeable and skilled in many areas of life. However, far greater than these accomplishments and defining attributes are his true faith and radical love for God. He is a Godly Christian leader and he tends to lead by stellar example every day. He has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and he serves faithfully while acting as a faithful servant. Lee is kind, genuine, intelligent and loyal. He loves his family very much and he is a wonderful husband and best friend to his wife. They truly are “Partner’s in Christ." Family and friends who know Lee are drawn to him for his humor, his zest for life, and his Godly views of the world today. "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners,  nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,  that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper." Psalm  1:1-3

Growing up, Lee was a hardworking and dedicated farm kid from St. James, Minnesota who had a zest for life and an unquenchable adventurous spirit. Today, his family owns and operates Bottem Farms Inc., home to a large Black Angus feed lot and 3,600 acres of variety crop land. From sun up to sun down, Lee spent many years working tirelessly beside his dad taking care of cattle, operating farm equipment, ripping up fields, planting seed and harvesting crops. He is an educated cattleman and knowledgeable business savvy farmer. He found a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment in the daily challenges and never ending work at the farm. Throughout his life, he has been a constant thrill seeker, outdoor enthusiasts and overall sportsman. He is an animal lover and he has a gentle approach and quiet nature when it comes to them. To some, Lee is affectionately known as the “Animal Whisper” because it seems no matter where he goes, most animals, especially dogs and horses are drawn to him. When he was young, he rescued a baby deer from a crop field and he raised it successfully. “Joey” became the farm mascot alongside his trusty dog, “Bandit." As a pastime, Lee is passionate about professional motocross and supercross. He has been riding dirt bikes consistently for over three decades and he competed as a “B Class” rider in various motocross races as a young adult. He is a self-taught rider and he has raw talent when it comes to ripping around on a bike. He has sheer tenacity and respect for the sport, sticking with it after enduring many broken bones due to the perils of his pastime. On the weekends, at home in Colorado, he still makes time to rip around local tracks on his Yamaha 450 or he likes to shred the challenging terrain of the Rockies on his KTM trail bike. When he isn’t riding

Dr. Lee Bottem

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Through the Years....

“Lola” is our coming 8 year old, pure bred, fawn colored Boxer. She was born in Houston, Texas and she spends a majority of her time making us laugh with her non-stop antics. She is easily recognizable by her long tongue that hangs from the right side of her mouth, constantly. She doesn’t take life very seriously and she guards the ranch to keep it free from mice, birds, moles, pocket gophers and especially squirrels. She would rather lick you to death than any other activity. If you are in front of her, or on her left side, you are safe from her tongue because it only works on the right  side. She is a joy to call our own and we feel very blessed to have her!


Lola Belle Bottem

Oliver Bottem 

Robyn Bottem

Treasures of the Heart...

Andi is a vivacious and energetic Texas cowgirl, from a small town south of Dallas. She is the youngest sibling of six children, and the youngest sister to Robyn. Since she was a little girl, Andi has had a passion for animals, especially horses, and she truly enjoys spending quality time with them. From the moment she could walk and shuffle around, she was a permanent shadow in Robyn's life, always romping around the barn, assisting with chores or riding horses with her whenever possible. At the age of two years old, she began spending almost every summer on a ranch with her big sister, growing and maturing into the dynamic horsewoman she is today. Throughout her life, she has graced the backs of many diverse breeds of horses including miniature horses, shetland ponies, hackney ponies, standard size horses, warm bloods and draft horses. Each and every horse posed a unique challenge to learn breed specifics and characteristics. She has learned a lot in eighteen short years and she is eager to continue learning more about the animals she loves so much. Her horsemanship skills have taken her all over the United States and even further into Canada and Germany. She's ridden horses through the challenging trails of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, through the wide open range lands and foothills of Wyoming, through the beautiful Texas countryside, through the Oklahoma prairies, trails and hillsides, and through the wide open spaces of Manitoba, Canada. Even further, she was blessed to meet some of the prestigious warm bloods in Germany while Robyn was working abroad in various Dressage stables. She's ridden in hometown parades, given rides to family and friends, and she's helped children with horsemanship over the years. Andi has a very positive attitude and her heart is made of pure gold! 

“Oliver” is our 3 year old, St. Bernard/Boxer cross, white and brindle boy. After losing our older Boxer, Braunwyn (to cancer), we weren't sure another dog could make us laugh as much as she did, on a daily basis. We were certainly wrong about that, as Ollie has been a clown and a lover since we adopted him. He is big, boisterous, and wonderful; always up to something! He is a soft-hearted pup with a very quirky and kind demeanor. He has become best friends with our cat, Echo, and he is a pal (and nuisance) to our other Boxer, Lola. We truly enjoy owning this precious fella and we look forward to a lot of fun with him every day.  He is a gift from God and we count our blessings for him!

A life full of thrills...

I am a Texas cowgirl- born, bred and sweet feed fed. I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I have a zest for Jesus, my loved ones, my husband, our animals and thrill seeking adventures! When it comes to horses, I am a raise it, teach it, break it, train it, ride it, rope it, jump it, climb it, swim it, run it down kind of cowgirl and I live to ride and I ride to live. I have been a lover of horses my entire life and I am richly blessed with a passion that burns deep inside me like a raging wild fire, beyond my control. The horse, with his fierce presence and all he was created to be, consumes me. My love and obsession for everything horses comes from a sacred place deep in my soul. It was formulated in my core genetic makeup long before I was born. The connection between where I came from and who I was going to be was defined the moment my dad placed me on top of a horse in the old leather bound cradle. I was riding before I could walk and since that moment, I have graced the powerful backs of countless horses in my life. Each one of them taught me something new, valuable and exciting with each ride...

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Andi Roye, Family Cowgirl